Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hi all folks out there!

This is the beginning of Currently Presenting, a blog seeking to be among the most uninteresting ones on the web, serving a purpose known to its author and perhaps a few others who pursue rather the same goals. For now all I have to say is that http://www.geocities.com/currentvalve/ is a great place to drop by if you ask me. We`ll see how the big guys treat my reference. I really hope to see the fruits of currentvalve. Cool chaps maintaining that website say something about http://opac.filo.uba.ar/wxis.php?IsisScript=openopac.xis&opcion=simple&base=base&tlog=tlog&primero=1&ultimo=2&termino1=labarca&campo1=/(028)) . And about this too. And the rest .

That´s it for now. Let`s keep our fingers crossed. Wait and see, as they say.